Product name: HPMC 
Product Form: White powder or granules 
Chemical name: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ,HPMC MHPC
Synonym: Hypromellose CAS No: 9004-65-3
HPMC is one of cellulose ethers, is short for hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose. It is also called hypromellose,or 2-hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose. white powder appearance, odorless and tasteless, soluble in water and most polar organic solvents. Its water solution has a surface activity, high transparency, stable performance. HPMC has a thermal gel properties, after heating, the product solution formed the gel precipitation, dissolving after cooling. Different specifications products have different gel temperature. Solubility changes with viscosity's difference. The lower viscosity, the higher solubility, different specifications HPMC have difference in properties, dissolving HPMC in water won't be affected by PH value. 
HPMC used in building materials, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose can act as dispersing agents, thickeners and binders, and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is mainly used in the molding of the cement mortar and plaster products. It is used in the cement mortar to increase its adhesion, reduce flocculation, improve the viscosity, shrinkage, and water retention, reduce the water loss of concrete surface, enhance the strength, prevent the occurrence of cracks and weathering effects of water-soluble salts.
HPMC used in building materials, the dosage of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is very small, only 0.1% to 1%. But its effects are great and can be used as plasticizers, water-retaining agents, air-entraining agents and retarders in coatings, gray paste, mortar and cement products to play the role of water retention or the adhesive force between the bases. In addition, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose also meets the demands of environmental protection. In the dry-mixed mortar, it helps to avoid performance instability caused by the formation of mixture, pollution of the surrounding environment, poor construction conditions and low labor efficiency. Tile adhesives and the internal & external wall putty usually use 107 adhesive before. However, from an environmental point of view, the application of cellulose ethers can be more preferable, such as HydroxyEthyl Cellulose and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose.


1.Enhances water retention--improved water retenion can protectcement and plaster against poor solidification and cracking due to speedy drying and inefficient mixing with water.
2.Workablilty--mortar plasticizing quality can be improved, which in turn will improved the workability of painting and working efficiency.
3.Binding--Due to increased plasticizing quality, mortar can be a better binde.
4.Slipping resistance--Due to the thickening action of Cellulose Ether,the slipping phenomena of mortar from substance to be bound can be prevented more efficiently.

Technical index

Item Index
Methoxyl Content,% 19.0-30.0
Hydroxypropyl Content,% 4.0-12.0
Gelation Temperature,ºC 58.0-90.0
Moisture,% Max 5.0
Ash,% Max 5.0
Ph 6.5-8.0

A. Standard Packing: In 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags
B. Big Bag or other special packages are possible on request.
This product is non-toxic and has no irritation to skin and mucous membrane.
Product Transportation and Storage: Prevent from sun, rain and moisture and keep it in a sealed dry place.

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